Ansvar appoints Hetty Johnston AM to lead Safeguarding Risk Management Strategy
13 Jul 2021


Ansvar appoints Hetty Johnston AM to lead Safeguarding Risk Management Strategy


Hetty Johnston AM

A highly regarded expert and advocate for child protection and safeguarding, Hetty Johnston founded the Braveheart’s Foundation, Australia’s leading child protection organisation, and has been instrumental in inspiring positive change on key issues including education, health, and child safety.

Hetty’s role at Ansvar will involve working with our Risk Team to support employees, brokers and clients in understanding the complexity of Physical and Sexual Abuse (PSA) risks, and safeguarding against abuse, particularly in organisations that care for those most vulnerable in our community.

“I’m really excited to be working with the Ansvar team, and am confident we can achieve a lot together. Ansvar is committed to making a difference, and combined with my passion and experience, we can help organisations create a safer environment for those who are vulnerable within our community.” – Hetty Johnston



As we know, safeguarding doesn’t just happen within organisations — it requires focus on critical risk factors, increased awareness of the right strategies to adopt, solid governance, and risk management. We take a closer look at Safeguarding to prevent PSA in Ansvar Risk Alert #9, and our most recent PSA Insurance Coverage Underwriting Update available to download below.

Anthony Black, Ansvar National Care Practice Leader, comments;

“It’s not just the right thing to do — it’s a prerequisite for any organisation providing care for others. We at Ansvar know that safeguarding requires critical consideration. This is why we’ve developed specific risk management solutions backed by of one of Australia’s most renowned experts, Hetty Johnston.’’


Safeguarding Advice: Resources & Toolkits

To provide further support, we are developing safeguarding advice, resources and tools, which will be supported by webinars and other educational forums, led by Hetty and the wider Risk Team. We will keep you updated as this work rolls out.


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