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Enterprise Risk Management

In rapidly changing and increasingly complex environments, boards, executives and senior managers must consider risk when setting objectives and making strategic decisions; traditional risk management approaches are no longer adequate in times of greater complexity, uncertainty and in an evolving risk environment.
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) refers to an organisation-wide approach to consider the potential impact of all types of risks and opportunities to achieve the objectives of a business. Implementing a comprehensive approach assists to guide behaviours, resources, practices and processes. It helps to make sound decisions, prevent harm, achieve goals and support a positive culture.

Ansvar Risk can assist you to understand the effectiveness of your current approach to risk management and guide you to improvement opportunities. We support your journey with expert governance and risk consultancy, risk workshops and training, tools and templates, online sector-specific risk packages and provide access to our risk partners to provide you specialist systems and advice.

Consultancy and Workshops

Our expert risk consultants provide support with governance and management of our core sectors organisations risk. The following suite of tailored programs are available to our customers and are facilitated by our expert consultants, with specialist sector knowledge and experience:

  • Risk and Governance Consultancy, Advice and Training
  • Risk Maturity Assessments
  • Risk Improvement Planning
  • Strategic Risk Identification Programs
  • Strategic Board and Executive Workshops
  • Business Continuity Planning

Please contact us to discuss strengthening your organisations/ your clients organisations risk management by registering your interest below.

Pictured is an example of a risk improvement plan for an organisation. This plan is be presented in an overall report for an organisations board.

Online Risk Packages

The online risk packages focus on workplace health and safety and workforce management solutions that assist our clients operations and improve workplace safety and compliance allowing them to get on with the job at hand. They are sector-specific software packages available on desktop, tablet and app platforms :

  • Incident: Incident management system
  • Learn: Online induction and learning modules

The online risk packages will support your organisation to develop a systematic and online approach and will also deliver accurate risk data for robust decision making. Click on the link below to watch demo videos and learn how you can get your organisation setup.


Ansvar Risk provides a comprehensive Risk Engineering program for the provision of mitigating and improving the risk management of sites. Benefits of our program include having the ability to make informed decisions more quickly, obtaining valuable data on your site concerning insurable risks and rating structures and engagement with Ansvar post delivery of insightful reports. Risk Engineering initiatives specific to the care sector include conducting aerial roof inspections of multi-story residential community centres, village halls and other buildings using drone technology. Ansvar Risk provides these initiatives to both customers and non-customers with a fee-for-service model.

Key Initiatives:

A fast and accurate way to undertake site inspections, collect data and calculate sums insured for better risk management and insurance solutions.

Comprehensive collection of site data and specifications resulting in a report on an insurance replacement value of the asset.

Our Risk Engineers will identify hot spots on switchboards that may indicate a future fault, allowing for corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.

Assessment conducted through using a combination of drones and 360 degree cameras capturing high resolution imagery of the roof for inspection.

Quick process to identify the location of unhealthy vegetation, trends and patterns so customer can take adequate action to alleviate problems.

This insightful reporting enables organisations to make informed decisions more quickly.

Drone Enabled Surveys

The video below is a comprehensive drone assessment survey Ansvar Risk conducted on a golf course in order to collect data on all aspects of the club including the club and shed roof inspections, vegetation stress of the large surrounding area and laser scanning.

In order to collect data on all aspects of a building or large surrounding area, Ansvar Risk may use a combination of drones, laser technology, photogrammetry and 360 degree cameras to allow quick and efficient image and data capture. These state-of-the-art technologies provide the safest, fastest and most accurate way to collect and assess data. All our Risk Engineers are highly trained and CASA qualified to operate drones.

Following a drone survey, the collected data is processed into an insightful report for the customer that includes a quality rating, recommendations to mitigate risks and a clear pathway for their organisation to improve their risk quality rating.

Contact our Risk Engineering team on OR 0428 212 328 to discuss your survey queries.

Risk engineering with drones enabled surveys

A fast & accurate way to undertake site inspections

3D Model creation

Create 3D print models of buildings

Aerial inspection

Identify potential risk exposures from an aerial perspective