Boards and Executives play an important role in leading the culture of Dignity of Risk and ensuring it is embedded in culture and it results in outcomes that lead to a fulfilling life for residents.

As a fundamental part of the new Quality Standards, Dignity of Risk is a key focus area for aged care providers and Executives. Aged Care organisations are expected to meet obligations to take a balanced approach to manage risk and respect consumer (resident) rights. If a consumer makes a choice that is possibly harmful to them then the organisation is expected to help the consumer understand the risk and how it could be managed. It is a concept enshrined in the Aged Care Act (1997) and in Aged Care Standards.

Dignity of risk describes the right of all individuals to choose to take risks when engaging in life experiences. It is a concept that recognises that living a fulfilling existence comes with inherent risk, and that the practice of overly restricting an individual’s choices in order to eliminate risk may actually be detrimental to their wellbeing (Kurrle, 2014).


As part of our commitment to providing leadership in the Aged Care sector, Ansvar led Dignity of Risk forums in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth from May to August, partnering with expert risk, legal and insurance advisors and discussed the Dignity of Risk concept to over 250 Aged Care Board, Executives, Insurance and Risk professionals.

The forums were led by Anthony Black, Ansvar’s Senior Risk Consultant who has extensive experience in clinical governance and supported by our key speaker Professor Joe Ibrahim, one of Australia’s leading geriatricians and researchers, who delivered a unique and sometimes confronting perspective of how providers manage an individual’s dignity in a heavily regulated industry.

Positive Forum Feedback:

  • “I found it quite interesting; the important aspect is the proactive approach in accordance with the industry standard”
  • “Provided access to people willing to discuss a challenging topic”
  • “The information provided was extremely relevant, particularly in relation to the current changes being experienced by the aged care sector as a result of the royal commission”
  • “I appreciated the opportunity to gain insight into the age care community, and how they need to adapt in the future”

“People in leadership need to understand that dignity of risk is part of culture. I challenge you to start conversations about ‘what is your role?’ ” Anthony Black told the Sydney Dignity of Risk audience.

Professor Ibrahim was equally blunt. “You can’t manage risk if you don’t know what’s going on. If you don’t do anything, the risk will remain hidden until something goes wrong.”


Watch our Perth Dignity of Risk forum where Anthony Blacks leads the discussion, joined by Professor Joe Ibrahim and Elizabeth Tylich, legal expert at Jackson McDonald.

Anthony Black discussing Dignity of risk

Watch Anthony Black’s presentation here

Elizabeth Tylich speaking at Dignity of risk forum

 Watch Elizabeth Tylich’s presentation here

Dignity of Risk Sydney event

Dignity of Risk Melbourne event

Anthony Black, Senior Risk Consultant

Anthony Black

Senior Risk Consultant, Ansvar

Anthony is a passionate advocate and experienced practitioner in governance and risk management consultancy. As a former nurse and health service executive, he understands the challenges and uncertainties of managing complex services particularly in the aged care sector where he has held senior management roles.

Prof. Joe Ibrahim 

Head of Health Law and Ageing Research Unit at the Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Monash University

Professor Joe Ibrahim will be a key speaker at each forum and an industry drawcard as his aged care knowledge and experience is industry-known. Joe is a Professor at the Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Monash University, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and a practicing senior specialist in geriatric medicine with over 30 years of experience. His principal areas of research expertise include quality of clinical care, aged care, performance measurement and patient safety.

Guest Speakers

Chris Sweet

Partner, MinterEllison 

Chris specializes in insurance and health law, with particular emphasis on medical malpractice and professional indemnity (health fields). He has extensive experience in medical malpractice claims, medical disciplinary matters, claims management systems and strategy, clinical risk management and coronial inquests.

Penelope Eden

Partner, MinterEllison 

Penelope leads MinterEllison’s national Aged Care practice. Having worked exclusively in the health, ageing and human services sectors for over 20 years, Penelope utilises her understanding and experience of having worked in the clinical area as a registered nurse to provide practical, timely outcome-focuses solutions to legal programs.

Angela San Diego

Client Director, National Aged Care Practice Leader – Global & Corporate Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon 

Angela has 23 years experience in the Finance and Insurance Insurance Industry, with the preceding 19 dedicated to Insurance Broking and Risk Advisory. She has spent the majority f her career as a broker and risk advisor with global leading insurance broking and risk management firms.

Elizabeth Tylich

Partner, Jackson McDonald 

Elizabeth is a commercial lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in advising organisations on corporate governance, their corporate structure and regulatory compliance with a particular focus on transactions and the health and aged care sector. She regularly advises and trains Boards and senior management teams on their duties, having regard to the complex regulatory environment within which they operate.

Lyle Steffensen

National Practice Leader, Marsh Care Solutions

Lyle has more than 20 years of experience as an insurance and risk management adviser. Lyle has a specific focus on the aged care, not for profit, health and community sectors and was the National Health Practice Leader at her previous employer.


Anthony shared the understanding of the concept of Dignity of Risk, its value to residents and to organisations and obligations to embed it in organisational culture and outcomes.


A focus on empathy and commitment led by Professor Joe Ibrahim on his in-depth Aged Care knowledge and experience. This was a unique opportunity to view his award-winning Dignity of Risk animated movie, which he is the author and producer.

Dignity of Risk is a 15 minute short film/ documentary featuring an encounter between Prof. Joe and a patient, Mr Jones, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia. The film raises questions relation to protecting Mr Jones from harm vs intruding on his enjoyment and quality of life.


Receive a Dignity of Risk Implementation Plan template (designed by Ansvar Risk) and action points for Boards and their organisations.

Download Anthony Black’s presentation here where he discussed Knowledge

Very high quality forum. Speakers were excellent and content very relevant. I wish there had been more time for questions at the end.

Powerful presentations that lead to good questions

The quality of the speakers was impressive specifically the story telling that made the issues very real and relevant to all the people in the room

Really good insights into the sector, trends and implications

The opportunity to hear from three different subject experts, the film was also excellent and showed the issues of dignity in an easily understood format

Dignity of Risk Brisbane event