Background checks, especially in the care sector, enable you to make sure the people in your care are protected. As an employer, your worst nightmare is one of your employees or volunteers endangering the safety of someone in your care. The best way to ensure you are choosing the right people for your organisation is to use a background screening company before you make an offer.

Strategic Partnership

Ansvar Risk has a strategic partnership with AIS International for employee and volunteer background police checks. AIS International has the experience, knowledge and skill to give you the results you need to make informed business and hiring decisions. We believe AIS International provides an excellent service, are cost effective and we encourage our customers to use their online portal for obtaining background police checks.

Having this strategic partnership enables Ansvar Risk to provide customised solutions to our customers that are consistent with their requirements for the work that they do.

Application Process

  • Click here to access our online portal and begin your application
  • The application process takes 10-15 minutes
  • In order to confirm your identity you must complete a digitised consent form and attach four identity documents
  • Applicants require four pieces of ID to complete application
  • Receive vetted information presented with clarity, accuracy & accountability within a few hours
  • Once your application has been assessed you will receive a reference number and reference page in a separate email

ID Required for Application

Please note: Applicants will require four pieces of Identification Documents to complete your application, such as:

  • A current passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Medicare card
  • Credit card

These ID documents do not need to be witnessed or certified. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@aisintl.com.au


AIS International are the most cost-effective provider in Australia (pricing excludes GST):
– Employees National Police Check  $34.50
– Volunteer/ Student National Police Check $15.50

Quick Turnaround Time

With over 40 years experience in over 180 countries you can be sure you will get the highest quality and most accurate data with the fastest turn-around times.

Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated support team and respond within 24 hours. For immediate support please contact the help desk on:
Phone: +61 1800 986 751
Email: support@aisintl.com.au

Volunteering Gold Coast CEO Richard Patterson

“Volunteering Gold Coast Inc. and Volunteering Services Australia have been working with AIS International Group for the last nine months and have found the organisation to be extremely professional in its conduct of business.
Their screening was efficient and thorough, and we felt secure in the protection of our confidential information and that of our clients and volunteers.”

AIS International are a global background screening organisation with over 40 years investigative & background screening experience in over 180 countries delivering the following Australian & International services to their clients;

  • Criminal Background checks
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Financial Stability
  • Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing
  • Directorship

They offer best practice investigative techniques, technological innovation and dedicated customer service, they educate and empower their clients to make informed business and staffing decisions.

AIS International was formed in 2000 in the United States and has since grown to become a global organisation. They are committed to providing superior, worldwide risk mitigation solutions encompassing the full spectrum of background screening technology & corporate due diligence.