Only 14% of employers feel that they have an excellent understanding of their obligations under the Fair Work Act.  Australia’s workplace relations and safety systems can be confusing and very few employers, no matter how big or small, rarely get this minefield of employment legislation completely right. The Fair Work Act, National Employment standards and the Modern Award system are designed to govern how a business employs, how people are managed and how much they’re paid.

Over 54% of business owners facing unfair dismissal claims last year were unable to successfully defend themselves. Employment practices liability insurance claims are constantly on the rise, along with increased premiums placed on small business owners.

Strategic Partnership

To ensure clients are in good hands, it is with great delight, we announce our new strategic partnership with Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist, Employsure.

Through Ansvar Risk and Employsure’s strategic partnership, we aim to offer a risk management value add to Management Liability policy holders (existing and new) as an important tool that is aimed at reducing your Employment Practice Liability claims and excess. Employsure provides a free advice line for Ansvar clients to receive guidance from an employment practices specialist during core business hours. This will help ensure best practice and procedural fairness is followed when dealing with employment practice.

Expert Advice Line 1300 938 220

By being part of the Ansvar community, you are able to access our free advice line and receive guidance from an employment practices specialist.
Operating hours:  8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday – Friday
Phone:       1300 938 220

Employsure’s advisory team will be on hand during business hours to offer one-to-one support over the phone on such things as dealing with a difficult employee and seeking support in day to day staffing matters.

  • Disciplinary action
  • Performance management
  • Termination
  • Resignation
  • Underpayment disputes
  • Bullying complaints
  • Regulator investigations
  • Union interference
  • Independent contractors
  • Disciplinary invites and outcomes
  • Performance management invites
  • Termination letters
  • Resignation acceptance letters
  • Underpayment responses
  • Bullying complaint responses
  • Redundancy letters from start to end

Excess Reduced

Any Ansvar customer who has a Management Liability Policy (existing and new) will have their excess reduced to $1,000 for any Employment Practices Liability claim by following the below;

  1. Call the advice line before embarking on any action regarding employee related issue
  2. The experienced and dedicated team at Employsure will ensure your actions and processes are in line with Procedural Fairness requirements and support you with relevant documentation.
  3. Provided you follow and enact the advice provided to you along the way, the standard excess will decrease to $1,000 for each and every claim
  4. If the process is not followed by the customer and a claim is put forward, the standard excess will apply ($5,000 for each and every claim)


Topic: Learn how to support your clients with expert employment practice services

Listen to our webinar where we discuss hot topics around employment practice services with Employsure, our strategic risk partner.

Discussion topics

  • Legal compliance and proactive ways to managing staff
  • How to identify red flags in your client’s business
  • Key ingredients to help prevent Employment Practice Liability claims
  • Expert employment practice services available to your clients

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