As the global risk of a pandemic declaration arises, it is timely for organisations to prepare for the governance and risk management response required for this event. This is particularly important for organisations responsible for services to children and vulnerable people, where disruption and impacts may be most significantly felt.
In response to this risk, Boards and Senior Managers should take action now to prepare their organisations.


With Coronavirus now spreading through countries far from its origin in China, it is now considered by experts to be at pandemic potential. A pandemic is “the worldwide spread of a new disease”.
In Australia, the Federal Department of Health’s Chief Medical Officer leads the national response to a pandemic. Recently the Federal Government released the Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus – click here to read.

Pandemic Risk

Pandemic Risk Alert Series

Ansvar has developed a series of Risk Alerts relating to the current pandemic.

They include good governance and risk management advice as well as information on insurance cover. We have developed checklists and guidance to assist organisations with managing through these unprecedented times.

The alerts are:

#1 – Developing a Pandemic Response Plan

#2 – 3 Actions to take to support organisations

#3 – Important Aged Care Guidance

#4 – Risk managing vacant properties throughout the pandemic

#5 – Outbreak Management

#6 – Road to Recovery

Following the decision from the World Health Organisation to declare COVID-19 a pandemic, Ansvar would like to provide an update on adjustments made to our business operations.
Click here for more details.