Road to Recovery

These are times like we have never seen before. Efforts to lead through the pandemic are continuing to cause disruptions, lead to challenging risks to manage and change the way organisations do business. On the upside, many have found new ways of doing things; buoyed by constructive adaption to new circumstances and the creation of options to do business and deliver services in different ways.

Planning ahead now for the road to recovery may feel like a paradox; we are all still very alert to managing a crisis and protecting our organisations and vulnerable people from the consequences of Covid-19. However, developing a recovery plan and navigating a new future is good governance.

Risk Alert #6 provides advice on key considerations for your recovery planning and a risk-based planning framework and tools to support your organisation’s approach.

Road to Recovery Webinar

This webinar will discuss key governance, legal and risk implications that aged care providers should focus on and integrate into their strategy as we move out of the initial COVID-19 response and into the next phase.

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