Ansvar and Safe Ministry Training have partnered together to provide churches with positive and engaging online training solutions for their members, volunteers and leaders. The courses and management tools will help churches ensure their people are aware of various risks to vulnerable people both inside their organisation and beyond. Safe Ministry Training is a product developed by churches for churches, designed to fit into church programs and reduce much of the administrative hassle, while ensuring church members are well trained and safe.


Safe Ministry Training will help your church be Safe, Legal and Insurable. Churches using the online training and tools will be secure in the knowledge they are up-to-date, endorsed by Ansvar, and their volunteers have been appropriately trained and screened to work with vulnerable people.
Watch the video to get an understanding on the tools and resources that are available to your church.
Once you register your organisation’s details with Safe Ministry Training here, you’ll get free access to resources and training approved by Ansvar Insurance – the premier risk solution specialists in Australia.

Key Features

People can do training in their own time, or in groups together.

Short courses send a positive message about everyone’s role in safeguarding vulnerable people.

We automatically verify people’s referees, Bluecard/ WWCC, Elvanto syncing, and more

Training costs start at $3 and if you are an Ansvar customer you will receive discounted plan rates.

Demo Courses

Members Awareness, Leaders, Supervisors and Board Members demo online courses are available to do for free which include short videos followed by short quizzes. 


We know that every church and ministry is unique and we understand that different churches will want to use different parts of the tool. Choose a plan that suits your ministry.


Get started by registering your church for a free account. Once you register your church’s details with Safe Ministry Training, you’ll get free access to resources and training approved by Ansvar.


Larry Travis, Pastoral & Ministries Coordinator at Bedford Community Church, Bedford, WA

“SMT is pretty much ideal for our church’s needs. We are a small, independent church, without a larger organisation with the resources to help us get our safety policies and procedures in place. We have been working for several years to iron it out, with help from some other organisations, but it’s been very time, money, and effort-intensive.
SMT will make things so much more feasible for us. We’re already insured with Ansvar, and it’s very helpful to know that our insurer endorses it as a resource (and in fact helped develop it!) I’m also very happy that SMT was created with the recommendations of the Royal Commission in hand.
The online training with different tiers for different levels of involvement in leadership is more helpful than I can say, especially compared to the all-day seminar we have been trying to implement for training our people before finding SMT. And of course the automated screening is helpful, too.
All in all, I want to thank you, and everyone else involved, personally and on behalf of my church and its leadership, for SMT. God bless!”