The strategic partnering with Safe Ministry Training is to provide churches with positive and engaging online training solutions for their members, volunteers and leaders which encourages a culture of safety and reporting. Safe Ministry Training is a product developed by churches for churches. They’ve developed accessible online training and screening tools that are designed to fit into church programs and reduce much of the administrative hassle, while ensuring church members are well trained and safe.


Safe Ministry Training will help your church be Safe, Legal and Insurable. Churches using the online training and tools will be secure in the knowledge they are up-to-date, endorsed by Ansvar, and their volunteers have been appropriately trained and screened to work with vulnerable people.
– How does my church get access to start the online training? Register your church here to get started.

Key Features

Videos followed by short quizzes ensure your people know how to be safe.

We can do the online WWCC verification for you, saving you hundreds of hours a year.

We send referees an email that automatically records their character reference.

Review who’s done the training, who needs a referee check, all in one place

If you are an Ansvar customer you will receive discounted plan rates

Demo Courses

Members Awareness, Leaders, Supervisors and Board Members demo online courses are available to do for free which include short videos followed by short quizzes. 


We know that every church and ministry is unique and we understand that different churches will want to use different parts of the tool. Choose a plan that suits your ministry.


Get started by registering your church for a free account. Once you register your church’s details with Safe Ministry Training, you’ll get free access to resources and training approved by Ansvar.