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Changes Needed To Improve Future Of Out Of Home Care Services

April 1st, 2022 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

The future insurability of Out of Home Care (OOHC) will continue to remain difficult and for insurers associated risks are very complex. The issue goes beyond the fact that there may be a significant number of historical incidents.  The reality today is that there is a range of ongoing material risks currently not being adequately addressed. The OOHC support system is being let down and the risk of harm and abuse continues to remain high.

For our communities, governments and insurers alike, risk mitigation for OOHC will continue to be a major challenge. In addressing this challenge, there are some key actions that would help go some way to reducing the inherent risks in Out of Home Care and Foster Care services.


 Actions required to reduce risk in the sector

  • A cultural shift to believe the testimony of children
  • A cultural shift in Government Departments to prioritise the actual ‘best interests of the child’ rather than the parent – stability for children in a loving and safe home – a parent who is both actually ‘willing and able’.  ‘Good enough’ parenting is not good enough.
  • A huge investment in human resources to the development of a dedicated “Children in Care” division within Federal and State Governments
  • Mandatory annual personal safety education for all children in care
  • Mandatory child safety training for all foster carers (already happening in most States)
  • Mandatory monthly Foster Friends visitor program (monthly check-in by children’s behaviour expert young staff) and an actual response to their findings
  • Strong child protection by Government departments to communicate with schools and day care around children’s well-being & behaviours (changes in behaviour being the warning and window to trauma)
  • Mandatory professional child therapeutic sessions with foster children to extract ‘their voice’ and ‘their opinions’.
  • Effective governance and risk management frameworks in OOHC organisations with boards capable to govern for vulnerable people.


To some extent, some of this is already happening around the nation but more reflected in intent rather than by real changes. In practice, there is a lack of staff and quality foster carers, children’s voices continue to be ignored, early warning signs are not being recognised and testimony from professionals are not adequately actioned.  Sometime, parents who are anything but ‘able and willing’ are permitted to retain custody of children – by the time the children are removed their level of trauma and abuse is life threatening.

Insurers, like Ansvar, have played a critical role in creating a major disruption to the systems of OOHC, raising awareness of the risk of abuse, the associated un-insurability of this area of care and the need for more effective risk mitigation strategies. Ansvar will continue to work with the industry to address the current shortcomings. It is our hope that the risk mitigation strategies listed above will go some way to highlighting the challenges and a genuine shift to possible solutions so that carers are adequately protected with the right insurance, children receive the services they need are well protected and fully supported to live their best lives.

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Risk Alert #11 – Clinical Governance

October 25th, 2021 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

This alert provides information on two key areas of risk in care organisations that will assist brokers to support clients with managing these risks and meeting insurance requirements.

  1. Clinical (Care) Governance
  2. Incident Management



  • Brokers may be hearing more about the topic of “clinical governance”. Regulations are driving an increased focus on it.
  • Clients in aged care and disability services have obligations to have a framework in place to support the delivery of complex care.
  • Royal Commissions and inquiries have demonstrated these to be generally inadequate across care sectors.
  • Poor clinical governance exposes insureds to increased risk of personal loss claims, director and officer liability claims, regulatory sanctions and harms to reputation.
  • Our risk alert gives guidance on developing a clinical governance framework with video advice, tools and checklists.



  • Ansvar’s work with our care insureds has shown the quality and robustness of incident management policies, procedures and systems to be highly variable.
  • This results higher risk of inadequate incident responses, delays in notifications and makes claims more challenging to defend.
  • Insurability is at risk if insureds do not have a robust organisation-wide system for incident management.
  • Our risk alert gives guidance on incident management and its role in good governance.
  • Ansvar Risk can assist clients to review their incident systems and also connect to system providers if required.



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Please ensure care sector clients are provided with this important risk alert.



Ansvar appoints Hetty Johnston AM to lead Safeguarding Risk Management Strategy

July 13th, 2021 Posted by Blog No Comment yet


Ansvar appoints Hetty Johnston AM to lead Safeguarding Risk Management Strategy


Hetty Johnston AM

A highly regarded expert and advocate for child protection and safeguarding, Hetty Johnston founded the Braveheart’s Foundation, Australia’s leading child protection organisation, and has been instrumental in inspiring positive change on key issues including education, health, and child safety.

Hetty’s role at Ansvar will involve working with our Risk Team to support employees, brokers and clients in understanding the complexity of Physical and Sexual Abuse (PSA) risks, and safeguarding against abuse, particularly in organisations that care for those most vulnerable in our community.

“I’m really excited to be working with the Ansvar team, and am confident we can achieve a lot together. Ansvar is committed to making a difference, and combined with my passion and experience, we can help organisations create a safer environment for those who are vulnerable within our community.” – Hetty Johnston



As we know, safeguarding doesn’t just happen within organisations — it requires focus on critical risk factors, increased awareness of the right strategies to adopt, solid governance, and risk management. We take a closer look at Safeguarding to prevent PSA in Ansvar Risk Alert #9, and our most recent PSA Insurance Coverage Underwriting Update available to download below.

Anthony Black, Ansvar National Care Practice Leader, comments;

“It’s not just the right thing to do — it’s a prerequisite for any organisation providing care for others. We at Ansvar know that safeguarding requires critical consideration. This is why we’ve developed specific risk management solutions backed by of one of Australia’s most renowned experts, Hetty Johnston.’’


Safeguarding Advice: Resources & Toolkits

To provide further support, we are developing safeguarding advice, resources and tools, which will be supported by webinars and other educational forums, led by Hetty and the wider Risk Team. We will keep you updated as this work rolls out.


Have a question or two?

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We look forward to making a difference in our community, together.

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