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The La Niña Effect

November 5th, 2021 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Wild weather is coming

The severe weather season is here, and floods and cyclones are on the forecast.

The Bureau of Meteorology has just released its outlook for the severe weather season, and this like every year, we need to be prepared.  In March 2021 we saw floods in the mid north coast of NSW and in October 2021 we saw a severe hail storm event in Coffs Harbour,  while South East Queensland has had a number of severe storms

Ansvar is again releasing our Risk Alert – La Niña Effect – Are You Storm and Flood Ready? To coincide with the Bureau of Meteorology indicates the shift from La Niña watch to La Niña alert.  La Niña conditions traditionally leads to see average to above-average rainfall during spring and summer for northern and eastern Australia.

This is an opportunity for organisations to become storm and flood read.  The Risk Alert – La Niña Effect has a number of tools and resources for you to access to help you prepare for any flood or storm event.

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Risk Alert #11 – Clinical Governance

October 25th, 2021 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

This alert provides information on two key areas of risk in care organisations that will assist brokers to support clients with managing these risks and meeting insurance requirements.

  1. Clinical (Care) Governance
  2. Incident Management



  • Brokers may be hearing more about the topic of “clinical governance”. Regulations are driving an increased focus on it.
  • Clients in aged care and disability services have obligations to have a framework in place to support the delivery of complex care.
  • Royal Commissions and inquiries have demonstrated these to be generally inadequate across care sectors.
  • Poor clinical governance exposes insureds to increased risk of personal loss claims, director and officer liability claims, regulatory sanctions and harms to reputation.
  • Our risk alert gives guidance on developing a clinical governance framework with video advice, tools and checklists.



  • Ansvar’s work with our care insureds has shown the quality and robustness of incident management policies, procedures and systems to be highly variable.
  • This results higher risk of inadequate incident responses, delays in notifications and makes claims more challenging to defend.
  • Insurability is at risk if insureds do not have a robust organisation-wide system for incident management.
  • Our risk alert gives guidance on incident management and its role in good governance.
  • Ansvar Risk can assist clients to review their incident systems and also connect to system providers if required.



Ansvar Risk is available to support our mutual clients. Contact one of our Senior Risk Consultants at

Please ensure care sector clients are provided with this important risk alert.